Winter is coming! And So Comes the 7 Must-Have Foods in Karachi

By : Shehroz Khan

October 10, 2017 Live

Aye! Winter is still few months away! But we know it’s coming and we know we’ve to be prepared for it!

However, being a Karachiite we don’t have to face as much cold as the Northerners. Instead we enjoy the cool breeze and pleasant weather and a lot of ‘winter specialty food’.  Isn’t it the best part of winter in Karachi?

To be able to satisfy our foodie pleasures. Because the cold in Karachi is quite uncertain as we know it but there is absolutely nothing that can stop us from enjoying these amazing food items during the darling season.

1. Coffee

The foremost choice is Coffee in this season. Winter without coffee in Karachi is like Lala without her Majnu, Romeo without his Juliet, and Rahul without his Anjali. They must always be together, Inseparable! Yeah! That’s how winter works here. So, Coffee is a must thing for the coming season.


Let it be joys of the chilly wedding functions or a full-day at office, breezy concert nights or day spent with friends, or just a normal cold day at home in your blankets; you just need coffee to feel cozy and warm and contented.

2. Soup

Another must-have food in this season is Soup. Who does not have soup in winter?


While karachites absolutely love having soup 365 days a year but having a steaming hot bowl of soup when the world around you is chilling is undeniably delightful.

3. Dry Fruits

And the must-have list is incomplete without this one. Dry fruits are a customary tradition of winter in every house of our Country.

dry fruits

The thelay-walay at every roadside during the season sparks up these few months just like anything. They have variety of nuts and all of them taste amazing in their own ways.

4. Kashmiri Tea

The pink colored tea! Lovely looking aromatic and a must thing in weddings, Kashmiri tea with Pistachio garnishing is preferred over normal tea especially during wedding occasions in the winter season.


And we love it! Don’t we? Thus it is another must-have item in the season.

5. Moong Phali

This one is my special favorite and calling it Moong Phali here sounds more accurate than Peanuts. Such a blessing winter is upon us as it bring along this extremely healthy sumptuous snack for us.


There is no house I suppose that does not enjoy moong phali at night during winters. You must-have it to enjoy the cold and chilly nights even more.

6. Shakarkandi

Sweet potatoes you call it? Shakarkandi we say! Because it sounds much sweeter and moreover when the subtle sweetness is scrumptiously enriched with chat masala and a tinge of lemon, it makes the vegetable so irresistible.

This one is a delicious delight of the season and you must have it steamy to feel less cold.

7. Oranges

Orange is the cutest must-have thing of the coming season and it is extremely healthy for you. You may perhaps try to avoid eating other winter special fruits but you cannot stop your hands on this one.


Oranges are healthy as they are rich of vitamin C that will help protect you from viral infections during the season and keep your skin hydrated so it does not get very dry as it does in winter with many other benefits. And we know it tastes wonderful! So, don’t forget to get your hands on this one too.

Thus, winter is coming with amazing food to look forward to and we are desperately waiting for it all.

Shehroz Khan


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