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“Rehearsal” Tells Women to Live Their Lives

By : Shahrukh Ghanchi

December 13, 2017 Watch

Stage Nomad Productions organized an impactful theatre play titled Rehearsal at Arts Council Karachi.

The 120-minute-long performance highlights the difficulties faced by women in our society on the daily basis. It mainly targets social injustice, stereotyping, and taboo. Rehearsal shows how important it is to have equal rights for women in our society. It shows how women empowerment is a necessity–and not a choice.

The play was staged by Stage Nomad, a group of IBA students and alumni members. The collective’s aim is promote theater arts in Karachi. Talking exclusively to Save Your City, the director Meesam Naqvi tells how this play is a protest against narrow-minded society norms.

Rehearsal will be on show at the JS Auditorium inside IBA City Campus on 13th and 14th of this month.

Shahrukh Ghanchi


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