7 Must Try Street Foods in Karachi

By : Shahrukh Ghanchi

November 29, 2017 Inspire

Street foods are popular all over the world lekin when it comes to Karachi, nothing can beat the glory and taste of street foods here. We all know that a date or a day out is not complete without having street foods.

Here are 7 of such street foods that you can simply never say ‘No’ to:

1. Jalebi

Jalebi is popular all over the world, but the fantastic combination of jalebi in two different colors is the joy of heaven.


2. Gol Gappay

Crispy puris immersed in crispy and tangy water are something you can never have enough of.

Gol Gappay Source: Deliposts

3. Chaat

Fruit chaat ho ya channa chaat, this list will be incomplete without mentioning chaat.

Chaat Source: Foodpanda

4. Kachori

Filled with amazingly flavored daal and vegetables such as tamator aur pyaz, Kachoris are a must try.


And When this is coupled with imli and chutney, this can luxuriate your taste in such a way that you will not want to try any other thing in your life!

5. Pakore/Samose

There is nothing like a slightly greased pakora and samosa.

Samosa Source: United

Aaloo ka pakora and aaloo ka samosa is the best way to treat yourself.

6. Rolls

A visit to Karachi is not complete without luxuriating oneself into the famous Chicken chutney and Garlic Mayo Rolls which are one of the most famous street foods in Karachi.

Roll Source: Foodpanda

7. Chai Paratha

Chai paratha is the perfect food for every Karachites. Head towards your nearest Dhaba for a chai and garam garam paratha.

Chai Paratha Source: Express Tribune

This is one of the cheapest and most loved street food in Karachi.

GIFs: Giphy

Shahrukh Ghanchi


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