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Have You Ever Visited These Haunted Places in Karachi?

By : Shehroz Khan

October 30, 2017 Live

Every city has its legends. One thing is for sure that haunted places do exist everywhere, and there are quite many in Karachi as well.

Whether it’s about a headless man riding on a horse in the dark, a beautiful bride with sinister intentions, haunted castles, or an abandoned backyard of your house, these scary legends are a part of our childhood memories.

It does not matter if they are myth or real, we like to hear these and get goosebumps.

Following are the top 5 most haunted places in Karachi where you may get a feeling of being watched by the unseen.

1. Haunted Building Near Sea view

This apartment complex is located at Seaview, one of Karachi’s prime locations. Strangely enough, none of the shops sustain for long and eventually, businesses generally shut down or move elsewhere. Plus, no one lives there.


Just look at the place, I mean it has got all the right reasons for one to be afraid. Local merchants have witnessed supernatural activities that eventually compelled them to pack up their business.

2. The Bride of Karsaz

Do you believe in ghosts? If you do, then you might find one at a very busy trafficway. Yes, I am talking about the bride in red dress on Karsaz. Generally, people have witnessed this particular spirit at night, mostly after 11 PM. It’s believed that in the 1970s a young couple on their wedding night while driving to home met an accident that took away their lives.

Karsaz road Karachi

If you are traveling on this road, you may find a stunning beauty in a bridal dress asking for a ride. If you stop to look at her beautiful face, you might see her turning into something unexplainable. One thing all the locals agree is that after midnight, no one should dare to travel alone on Karsaz road; for the beautiful bride still awaits her groom.

3. Ocean Mall

There’s something creepy inside the Ocean Mall, one of the tallest buildings in the city. A few years ago, a worker was severely beaten up by an unseen phenomenon at the ground floor.

Ocean Mall Karachi

Upon asking the victim, he reminded “Sir, yahan pehle Mid East Hospital hua karta tha aur ground floor pe uska Murda Khana (Morgue Room) tha is liye ye sab hota rehta tha.” The parking area “B4” has been shut down following this issue.

4. The Mohatta Palace

Built as a residence for a Rajasthani businessman back in 1927, Mohatta Palace is now an art museum. Its guards claim to have witnessed things moving on their own when no one is present. The museum is said to be haunted by ghosts since the British Raj. To say the least, the guards have a terrible time guarding this palace.

Mohatta Palace Karachi

Ghostly presence can be experienced during the night. Strange sounds of things floating in the air can be heard inside the palace. Each morning, things seem to have been rearranged and are never at their places when they wake up in the morning.

5. Hawke’s Bay Haunted Hut

Khabardar! Humans are not welcome here. It’s said to be the wedding house for jinns (demons) on the eve of every full moon night. Locals say that none dares to rent this place anymore.

Hawks Bay Haunted Hut

No one has been known to survive one night there. People either cancel their plans or run away as the jinns don’t like the uninvited presence there.

Whether we believe it or not, haunted places exist everywhere. If you are daring enough, you should visit one of these places and let us know how did it go. Oh yeah! Do let us know if there are more scary places in the city.

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