Winter Foods

Enjoy Winter Foods & Maintain Your Weight

By : Shahrukh Ghanchi

December 21, 2017 Live

As the winter approaches, the body’s metabolism slows down to conserve heat and energy. Is liye, thand mein active aur healthy rehne kay liye pack some healthy snacks like nuts, makhanas, cookies, oranges & carrots, and cinnamon.

Here’s a list of crunchy melt-in-your-mouth healthy winter foods to consume during the colder months of the year.

1. Til patti

Til Patti is made of gurh and til and is a perfect snack to have during the winters. It is one of the most popular options too.

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Tils are loaded with antioxidant while gurh helps in fighting iron deficiency. Yeh dono ingredients produce karte hain heat.

2. Fruits

It’s great to eat fruits and get some extra Vitamin A & C to boost your immunity and improve your eyesight and skin.

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Toh, pakro Oranges aur Carrots and start munching!

3. Peanut Chikki

Chikki is a perfect combination of gurh and peanuts. Sardi is the best time to fill yourself with these delicious bite-sized candies.

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Peanuts have a warm effect on the body and give you instant energy when combined with gurh.

4. Panjiri

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Dry roast and then grind flaxseeds. Add gurh to this powder and mix well. Phir mix karen walnuts, roasted cashew, almonds aur pumpkin seeds.

5. Makhana

Makhanas are low in cholesterol, sodium & fat, and hence a perfect snack.

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Makhanas are good agar ap weight kam karna chahte hain kyun kay they’re low in calories.

6. Roasted Nuts

Nuts are a perfect source of Vitamin E and help your skin look good.

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Having roasted nuts will give you a delightful sense of fullness and warmness.

7. Cinnamon cookies

Cinnamon is a perfect winter spice which helps in boosting your immune system during winters.

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Try to add cinnamon in cookies if you don’t like it with gurh.

So, these are some of our favorite healthy winter foods. Start eating better, stock a healthier pantry, stress less and exercise more for a healthy tomorrow.

Shahrukh Ghanchi


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