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This YouTube Vlogger Came To Karachi And Showed A Positive Side Of Pakistan

By : Shahrukh Ghanchi

December 27, 2017 Inspire

YouTube has, nowadays, become a platform for people to share their viewpoints with the world. Travel videos and vlogging has seen a tremendous growth in 2017.  Vlog channels are the one that has seen their finest. One of the channels is FunForLouis which belongs to a British guy, Louis John Cole.

He has shown us the insides of numerous beautiful countries in his series of Beyond Borders. In episode 41, he chose Karachi. He was seen exploring the streets of the city that is regarded as the pride of Pakistan. He was accompanied by a local Karachiite and experienced every little thing that makes the city a special place.

The video shows that the people in this beautiful city are pure, peace-loving and hospitable.

Watch the video!

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Shahrukh Ghanchi


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